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Peacock Feather Shade

Peacock Feather Shade


Beautiful bright and bold peacock feather print drum shade - D 20cm x H 20cm  - lining colour white.

This design is perfect to add a splash of colour for any room and a customers favourite.

Designed for bottle lamps, lamp bases, standing lamp bases and pendants. 

We recommend the use of low energy bulbs with your lampshade, they use less energy and are cool to touch, avoiding the problem of scorching shades and ceilings.

(Please advise if shade is for a base or ceiling light when ordering in note section at checkout).

Picture shown D 20cm x H 20

Sizes Available:

D 15cm  x  H 15cm 

D 20cm x H 20cm

D 25cm x H 20cm 

D 25cm  x H 25cm 

D 30cm  x H 15cm 

D 30cm  x H 20cm 

D 30cm  x H 25cm 

D 30cm  x H 30cm 

D 35cm  x H 15cm 

D 35cm  x H 20cm 

D 35cm x H 25cm 

D 35cm x H 30cm 

D 40cm x H 15cm 

D 40cm  x H 20cm

D 40cm  x H 25cm 

D 40cm  x H 30cm

For larger sizes please contact us to discuss.

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